We have a great staff complement. Our staff consists of OEM factory trained staff, highly skilled panelbeaters, spraypainters, strippers and assemblers, mechanics, bodyshop workers and polishers. We are recognised by CRA as a training shop for any apprentices, whilst we regularly send our workers on training programmes to keep them updated on new techniques, machinery and product launches. We believe that our biggest asset is our staff and the workmanship they bring collectively to the company since its inception.


As a company run and managed by a code of ethics we guarantee:

  •  To ensure that all quotations are accurate and comprehensive.
  • That all commissions or any other inducement to an Insurance Company Representative is forbidden.
  • No client’s excess will be absorbed.
  • To carry out repairs to the standards required by CRA & CRC without compromising quality.
  • To remain fully responsible for any work subcontracted, excludingwork subcontracted by the client or their representative.
  • Not to undertake any repair that falls outside of the scope of theCRA grading attained by the business.


We pride ourselves on building relationships. We are enthusiastic about our work and believe in what we do. Business is not only about computers, machinery and paper work. It is about people and building relationships that last and account for something. Although we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality work, we are well aware that this would be for nought were it not for the clients we service daily. Building relationships through customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us a business.


Auto Hail workmanship covers Guarantees & Warrantys as specified by manufacturers. We recognise that we operate in a difficult industry that does not have the best reputation. Therefore integrity and a good name has been the key to our steady growth over the years. We are a BEE accredited company who provides funds for social upliftment, our staff and also community projects. As members of the RMI we pledge to:

• Provide our products and service at a fair and reasonable price.
• Honour both the letter and the spirit of any warranty accompanying the sale of these products and services

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